Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by complete coverage of the curriculum?
Our process was to study the concepts and skills required as well as the suggested pacing within New York City schools. Then we mapped these concepts and skills to our existing instructional resources, so that a concept will have at least one resource that addresses it while maintaining the overall logical sequencing of covering the interdependent concepts.
What is the best way to use these resources?
It is a fact that every teacher has her/his own way and style in covering the curriculum. Similarly, the usage of these resources depends on how the teacher feels it could be best utilized. One way would be to go through the videos in class while pausing the videos at some intervals to start a discussion with the students. Another way is to give the resources to students to view before or after coming to class.
Do I need to register to use the site?
There is no need for registering to access the resources within the site. However, we recommend that you register so that we can easily take you back to the location/lesson you last accessed to save your time.
Can students or parents use this site?
Yes, the resources are self-explanatory and can be used by students on a self-paced basis to understand particular concepts.
Can I use the videos and other resources outside of NYC?
Although, the resources are built based on NYC scope and sequence, individual resources can be used by anyone for any context.
Can curricula for other locations or grades be built?
Yes, we can map our existing resources to customize it for other contexts or grades. We can also build additional resources if needed.